Hva skjer i Oslo: Uteliv

Kings Day Party

"The orange happening" of the year will be held at Cafe Amsterdam Saturday April 28th at 9 pm, and all through the night. It´s going to be a great birthday party for the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander. As always, this is a free event at Cafe Amsterdam, and we would like to challenge you all to dress up in orange for the king’s birthday party. The clue is to be creative and to incorporate the colour orange. Go all out, and the "best dressed in orange" can win one of our prizes. We have bitterballs, bamibals and other Dutch specialties on the menu, as well as great drinks. Café Amsterdam is located in the heart of downtown Oslo – just around the corner from the National Gallery. Follow the tram tracks towards the Tinghuset, and look for our famous orange bikes on the sidewalk.

29. april 2018


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