Hva skjer i Narvik: Sport

Arctic Event

Arctic Event specialize in creating tailor-made all inclusive adventure programs for groups visiting the area Kiruna-Narvik-Lofoten also known as "The Best of the Arctic".



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    Obviously, they're going to see what they want to see, and ignore what they do not want to see. Personally, I think this trip is nihnotg more than political show-boating.However, I can personally attest to the presence of wildlife in the Arctic Refuge (I refuse to ever refer to that glorious wilderness as "ANWR"...doing so, in my mind, only serves to diminish the power and beauty of its full name). I was fortunate enough to spend ten days volunteering for the US Fish and Wildlife Service a few years ago doing a public use survey in the very heart of the refuge's coastal plain, at a place called Caribou Pass. Here's what I saw:That is one tiny chunk of the 30,000 caribou (give or take a few thousand) that migrated past my tent while I was there. No wildlife my ass! Good to see people are not taking this "news" seriously, though.

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    You know what, I'm very much icnniled to agree.