Hva skjer i Kongsberg: Sport

Kongsberg Skisenter

Kongsberg Skisenter er et skisenter med særpreg. Bakkene innbyr til masse skiglede. Lange bakker, utvidet barnebakke og snøproduksjon i alle bakker. Flott turterreng med oppkjørte løyper. Halfpipen er kjent for god preparering, og det er med god grunn at Kongsberg Skisenter har et godt navn i snøbrettmiljøet. Åpent alle dager ni til ni i sesongen.



  1. #5 Innlegg fra Suzy

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  2. #4 Innlegg fra Cierra

    I remember you, Jimmy as the hero of the day!! I didn't think to bring a sheovl, and you removed a hubcap from the car and tried to dig the snow away from the tires so we could make it home. I don't remember how old you were but I always thought you were such a wonderful protecdtor for me and the girls too. Thiking of the trip when dad didn't go and we stayed in a spooky motel after driving in a heavy fog. You slept in front of the door so no one could come in and kill us in our sleep. Remember, My Hero?

  3. #3 Innlegg fra Roonnie

    Every time again your blog is an fascinationg art trip into pclaes that could be so odd when just seeing them trough normal eyes Yeah, I like your pictures.

  4. #2 Innlegg fra Diandra

    I told my grnamdother how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

  5. #1 Innlegg fra Carajean

    Nohitng I could say would give you undue credit for this story.